Organic and traditional honey products

Being open to new interesting challenges, we encourage you to familiarize with our offer of organic honey products.

100% natural and organic

Honey comes from our own apiaries and only from proven organic producers from Poland and other European Union countries. As one of the few, we offer 100% organic honey-based products, thus promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Ecological and kosher certificate

All the raw materials used by us in the production process undergo comprehensive tests at the Institute of Horticulture in Puławy. The honey has an ecological certificate, and the fruit freeze-dried fruit is additionally kosher certified.

Certificate of Registration in the U.S. Food and Drug and BRC certificate

The fruit lyophilisates used in the production also have a Registration Certificate in the U.S. Food and Drug and BRC certificate.

Health Quality Certificate

The packages have a Health Quality Certificate.


Honey lovers!

La Verna ® is a long-term company producing ecological and natural honey-based products. They have took people’s hearts all over the world and our honey products are winning new ones every day. We constantly create new, unique products and introduce them to the market to the delight of honey lovers.



High in vitamins and minerals, bacteriostatic, bactericidal, antidepressant and calming properties, a wonderful effect on the heart, brain, immune system – these are just a few of the advantages of consuming honey. That is why we decided to create unique products, not only healthy, but also with an unforgettable taste.



Benefits of honey

  • regulates metabolic processes
  • increases immunity
  • honey improves blood composition
  • helps with insomnia
  • energizes the body, restores strength


Honey with blackcurrant

Organic honey with blackcurrant 260g

Honey with cranberry

Organic honey with cranberry 260g

Honey with apple and lemon

Organic honey with apple and lemon 260g

Honey with peanuts

Organic honey with peanuts 260g

Honey with orange, peach and tumeric 260g

Organic honey with orange, peach and tumeric 260g

Honey with coffee

Organic honey with coffee 260g

Honey with raspberry

Organic honey with raspberry 260g

Honey with blueberry

Organic honey with blueberry 260g

Honey with seaberry

Organic honey with seaberry 260g

Honey with chocolate

Organic honey with chocolate 260g

Honey with cherry

Organic honey with cherry 260g

Honey with mint and lemongrass

Organic honey with mint and lemongrass 260g

Honey with chokeberry

Organic honey with chokeberry 260g

Multiflower honey

Organic multiflower honey 260g



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